Thank You Acknowledgements

How to Write a Memorial Thank You Note After a Funeral

It is an important part of life to acknowledge others' kindness in times of grief and hardship.

After a funeral it is an important tradition to acknowledge family and friends who were bereaved by your loved one's death. Although it is a difficult task it is a kind act to thank those who were there to support you in your time of need. Take a small amount of time each day to write a few thank you's.

You are honouring a special loved one that meant so much to you. Keep your message simple, a long essay is not necessary. A simple thank you for their support, thoughts and prayers will do. Perhaps you recall a brief memory of how that person touched the life of the deceased in a special way that you know of, tell that person to make your thank you a little more personal.

Not every person who deserves a thank you note may have been present at the funeral, you should thank each person who showed their sympathy, for example:

They attended the visitation
Sent flowers
Charity donation in the name of the deceased
They brought food to your house to share
Sent you a spiritual bouquet
Babysat for your family members so they could attend the services
Clergy who performed the memorial service, ceremony or mass
The pallbearers and/or those who spoke or read at the services

When to send the Memorial Thank You Notes

All thank you notes should be sent out in a timely manner (traditional etiquette suggests a two week time frame) it is more important to be sure everyone who deserves a thank you receives one.

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